Senior Photos

Senior photos

Senior photos are so much fun! I love getting to know my clients' personalities and hearing about their future dreams and plans.  Senior photo shoots are $225 and include multiple locations and multiple clothing changes.  No limits here!  You'll receive 40-50 retouched, ready to print photos.

Family Photos

family photography

There's nothing better than a family photo shoot - because I know how infrequently they happen.  I love that I can create those special photos that will be treasured for years. Family shoots are $225 and include immediate family.  Extended family are always welcome for a small additional charge.


children's photography

Simply put...I love kid photo shoots.  The little critters are so full of energy and surprises. One kid, two kids...the more the merrier! Sometimes its like herding cats which makes me laugh.  Children's photo shoots are $225 - we can change locations, clothing - you name it.  I'm not too good with limits so lets not have any.


Newborn photos

Newborn photography is a bit more involved than your average family photo shoot.  I work on baby's schedule which means sometimes it takes a while. I build in time for feeding, diaper changes and snuggles so don't worry about sticking to a strict timeline.  Newborn photos are $225.


wedding photos

Your wedding day will be exhilarating and emotional, filled with beautiful, carefully planned moments and delightful unexpected ones. My goal is to capture all of those memories in keepsake photos which you will treasure and enjoy for years to come. 

Click here for details on wedding packages and pricing.


event photos

Community events, corporate events, family events, sports events....I love 'em all!  Custom quotes are always available for your event - I work with all budgets so give me a call and let's make it happen.